My first official wedding cake ;) Black polka dot cake

So my first official wedding cake is done and dusted (whew). I think it was one of the most stressful things I have ever endured.

Kirst got married on 17 November and from the photo’s, she looked amazing! Must be one of the most chilled brides I have ever seen.

Inside the cake was chocolate fudge, first time I have ever made it and I must say it was delicious! I didn’t make the cake topper, but the same people who did our cake topper did theirs. The top layer was a dummy because the cake only needed to feed 60 people.


It was very very hot that day and if you look at the pic from the venue you can see that the bottom layer sunk dramatically. Not sure how to prevent that 😦

Looking forward to the next one, not sure if I would do anything differently, maybe make it a 2 layer cake inside instead of a three….

Xxx Kay