PVC Wine Rack

Last year January my husband got a new job in the wine industry and we started our wine collection. I only drink one type of wine so there is never really much of that type in the house.

We have constantly had bottles of wine lying arund the house and we have never had a wine rack that I actually like to put them in. The cost is just ridiculous because we arent collector’s or anything and most of the stuff you find is very old fashioned.

So I google’d and google’d DIY wine racks and finally found some pics on pinterest of PVC wine racks in all different shapes and sizes. I decided to modify the idea and do it my own way.

We have very dark brown kitchen cupboards and the cupboards do not go right to the ceiling, so I want to eventually fill the entire space with these PVC wine racks.

I found the long pipes, ranging from 2m -4m in length in the plumbing section of our local hardware store. Bought some PVC adhesive glue, sandpaper and brown acrylic paint and the stor cut the pipes for me in lenghts of 23cm. We sanded the edges and lightly sanded the outside of the pipe in order for the paint to stick and painted them. We then glued them in groups of 4, left them fro a couple of hours and they really do work great!

The best part is that you can add more at anytime as the collection grows.

PVC Wine rack


xxx Kay


Jewellery Hanger

I have so much jewellery and costume jewellery at home that I have been looking for a way to display it all because if it isnt all in the same place then you never wear it because you forget about it. I have researched inetrnet sights looking for home made jewellery hangers and the stuff that they require for you to make them are pretty hard to get here in this third world country (for eg. a peg board ??), so when I saw my dad had a few of those backing boards I used for the photo hangers, I had a light bulb moment.

Previously, I had done some dabbling in decoupage (which like all fads only lasted a couple of months) and I had some gorgeous material paper type of stuff at home with a nice design I though we should try. During my searches, I also found people using glass doorknobs as hanging items and when I saw those at the shop they were way too expensive for the amount that I wanted to use them for.

When Chris & I were at the hardware store we found very cheap wooden knobs and thought well, we would just paint them black. We bought some garden mesh, as I needed somewhere to hang the earrings. I sewed damask material around the diamond mesh so it didnt look so shabby. I stapled the mesh onto the backing board which was painted black on the edges and to which I glued the cool material paper stuff.

Chris then used my dad’s drill press to drill holes into the backing board so we could screw the knobs onto… screwed those on and voila!, my jewellery holder:

With jewellery

Without jewellery

xxx Kay

D.I.Y Photo hangers

My sister made my mom and my other sister these gorgeous photo hangers as Christmas gifts and I used her creative skills to personalise them for my friends.

My best friend got engaged in December in the MOST romantic way and I wanted to give them something personal to them that meant a lot to me. Lauren loves her photos and is very easy to get anything for her. Lovely persona nd appreciates everything you do and I wanted to show her & Nick that they mean the world to my husband & I.

My dad had pre-made these backing boards with chipboard because he was testing out his new “toy” = router. I just bought the letters and the hearts from the local art shop with the glass hearts. I painted the backing board and the letters (with the help of my sister and Chris), glued them on and voila… there are their names on the board. I split some rope, staple gunned the rope to the board, tied on te glass hearts and glued some pegs onto the back of the hearts to hold the photos and there was a personal present to my besties…

Madison turns 5

Madison is a lovely little girl who I met when she was only 3 months old when I started working with her parents at their law firm. She has such a lovely presence about her and I really do enjoy spending time with her and her family. She really deserved something peronalised that she knew was from us and not the usual toys and clothes that we all give at kid’s birthday partied. I used the same technique above with the letters, but I bought white, pink & purple ribbon, braided it and used that as the holder. I then stapled strips of ribbon to the bottom which can be used to hold anything by tying them to the ribbons.