Boobs and Bulls cupcakes

Bwa hahahha

So this is what Penny wanted for her husband’s birthday- This is what he got. He is obvioulsy a Blue Bulls fan. These cupcakes were all vanilla with vanilla icing, and the logos printed on edible paper and placed on fondant discs. The boobs were made by Chris – the boob expert it seems, and voila! one very cool set of cupcakes20130523-151230.jpg


20130523-151224.jpgxxx Kay


I have business cards!

I finally have business cards -what do you guys think?


Not the best pic, but YAY! Thank you to my friend Jean-Mari and my hubby for their help, and of course, the designer, Alecia.

Xxx Kay

To the next 11 MOustache-less months

MOvember is for an amazing cause and I will fully support my husband while it grows, but I need to celebrate the end.

The end of beard burns on my shoulder when I wake up and dodging awkward kisses that tickle my nose.

Here’s looking forward to the next 11 months of no MO, so I made cupcakes for Chris’ work cause they having a MOvember party & announcing the winner. I really hope it’s Chris!


Good luck to all raising money for the cause on the final day.

Xxx Kay

Christmas goodies

Christmas is officially 4 weeks away and the fever is here. I’m so looking forward to all the year end parties and my birthday is 4 days after Christmas so always a good time for me.

I was perusing the net and found an awesome cake by I Am Baker. Here are the goodies I made the weekends and are currently available for order:







Merry Christmas to all. Have a wonderful festive season

Xxx Kay