About cakesbykay

Hey there

I am a Legal Advisor at a SA Insurance Company and really enjoy baking in my spare time. I guess, as most people, it all started with Cake Boss and now there are so many baking shows on TV, it’s ridiculous.

I am not the greatest of bakers and I would never quit my day job, but I really do enjoy it.

Instead of uploading all pics to Facebook, why not have a blog?

I have a very small kitchen, and a very willing to help husband (Chris). I call Chris my Ralph as he is my sculptor ( I think the artistic side is built into him as he is left-handed).

I also do a lot od D.I.Y stuff that keeps me busy. I always have a bee in my bonnet about something so I tend to do quite a bot over the weekends.

Please enjoy my creations, I know I am 🙂

xxx Kay


3 thoughts on “About cakesbykay

  1. I would be the Sculptor, Ralph or Chris (the hubby)! Needless to say I am the official taster as well and unfortunately in the few months that my wife has started her baking I have gained a pant size and a few shirts seem to be fitting a bit more snug these days. Not only do her cakes look fantastic they taste it too! well done baby! Love you

  2. Continually impressed and incredibly proud of my li’l sis! And not to mention my boet’s artistic contributions… Love you both xxx

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