Leigh-Anne & Tom’s Wedding Cake and Cupcakes


Leigh-Anne and Tom are very good friends of ours and it was a given I hope for us to do their cake. They got married about 2 hours outside of Johannesburg at a lovely bush veld lodge called Umklewu. The cake consisted of a 6 inch round top tier with an orange and purple zebra print inside with white fondant outside and then 60 cupcakes also in purple and orange.

I was extremely worried about transporting the cupcakes that far and I didn’t know whether to ice them there or at home. I went for icing them at home and transporting them Ina VERY air-conditioned car and IT WORKED! They arrived perfectly in tracts.

I also made the cake stand from cake dummies and cake boards covered in ribbon and it looked great. The cake toppers were two gorgeous little owls, a bride and groom which I got made for the cake since the bride has an obsession with owls. They really added a cute touch to the cake.

Xxx Kay


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