Jessica’s 4th birthday Rapunzel Tangled Birthday

Now it’s my niece’s turn in the spotlight, and boy does she deserve it. She is such a girly girl and just adores Disney Princesses, more specifically, yes, you guessed it, Rapunzel. we had her party at my in-laws house and we really tried did a couple of neat things, thanks to Pinterest.

I made her piñata from a tutorial I found on Pinterest:



We also had a “frost your own cupcakes station” and that was such a hit!



The decorations were great, the pictures don’t do it justice, but we had painting, and crepe paper to look like hair and “Wanted: Flynn Rider” posters all over. We also put Chinese lanterns in the trees to try and recreate the floating lanterns look.



The cake guys…. The cake! Of course it was a Rapunzel cake with a real Rapunzel Barbie and it had to be buttercream because my sister doesn’t like fondant.


Look at this happy cake face, BEST EVER


Xxx Kay


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