Jessica’s 4th birthday Rapunzel Tangled Birthday

Now it’s my niece’s turn in the spotlight, and boy does she deserve it. She is such a girly girl and just adores Disney Princesses, more specifically, yes, you guessed it, Rapunzel. we had her party at my in-laws house and we really tried did a couple of neat things, thanks to Pinterest.

I made her piƱata from a tutorial I found on Pinterest:



We also had a “frost your own cupcakes station” and that was such a hit!



The decorations were great, the pictures don’t do it justice, but we had painting, and crepe paper to look like hair and “Wanted: Flynn Rider” posters all over. We also put Chinese lanterns in the trees to try and recreate the floating lanterns look.



The cake guys…. The cake! Of course it was a Rapunzel cake with a real Rapunzel Barbie and it had to be buttercream because my sister doesn’t like fondant.


Look at this happy cake face, BEST EVER


Xxx Kay


Matthew’s 6th Birthday Ben 10 cake

My angel nephew turned 6 in July this year and he had a Ben10 party. It was Ben10 everything and that is what he wanted.


I made a bit of a boo boo on this cake in that I initially made the botton 8″ tier in black and the top 6″ tier in green and then realised after the fact – WHERE WAS I GOING TO PUT THE WATCH? That was when I recovered the bottom tier in electric green coloured fondant and painted the top tier with black food colouring and vodka.


Chris made the alien to the right on the cake and his arm broke right before we took the cake out so he reattached half of the arm and said – oh well he is a deformed alien. We bought the Ben10 for the top as our sculpting skills do not extend that far.

Matthew said he like his cake and I really hope he did. Here are some pics of the cake and the birthday boy with his cake.

Matt's Ben10 cake


Xxx Kay

Kevin & Bryan’s 18th Birthday DJ Cake

DJ cake

These boys, or should I say now men, are extremely special. I started au pairing for their family while I was still at university. Their family accepted me with wide open arms and if it wasn’t for having to enter the “real world” I would probably have stayed au pairing for them until they left the house. These identical twins could not be more different and in a good way. They are amazing show jumpers and dj’s and as a present to them for their 18th, (I started with them when they were 13) I made them a dj deck cake, in chocolate which they both love.

Wishing these two great people many many more and an amazing life ahead in the real world!

Xxx Kay

Jared’s 3rd Birthday Finding Nemo Cake

Nemo cake for Jared 8 June 2013

Little Jared is one of the cutest little boys I have ever met. He has gorgeous blonde hair and a sparkle in his eyes.

This was his Finding Nemo cake and I will never forget the look on his face when he saw it, it just lit up. I found a tutorial on YouTube on how to make the fish and it was quite easy and they came out pretty well.

Xxx Kay