Patrick cake

This cake is so funny. I had so much fun doing this cake – i really enjoy carving cakes and using skills that I have all of a sudden developed. – Don’t ask me to carve anything else!

Patrick himself is such a joy on the Spongebob show and he just makes me laugh so I am glad I got the oppurtunity to make him myself.20130523-155246.jpg


This cake was for a colleague’s son’s 5th birthday. They went to adventure golf and played putt putt. He is really the sweetest little boy and has such a big heart. About 18 months ago we went with him and his family to an orphanage to go and hand out Christmas presents and he enjoyed himself so much.

I’m so privileged to make this little boy’s birthday cake.

xxx Kay


40th birthday- Zebra, Silver and Union Jack

20130523-153103.jpgThis cake is definately the BEST cake I feel that I have ever done. I have finally figured out how to make the edges of the cake sharp using the fondant smoothers and I spent a lot of time on each tier making sure I got it right.

My favourite tier is definately the silver, it gives such a perfect look and this it would look amazing as a wedding cake. The bottom zebra tier (which i had never done before so i winged it) was chocolate with chocolate icing, the middle silver tier was a dummy and the Union Jack tier was red velvet.

I am still in love with this cake everytime I look at it and I really hope that Lyndsay had a fantastic 40th birthday

xxx Kay

McKenzie’s 1st birthday

WARNING! These are the BEST smash cake pics EVER!

I so wish I had actually seen this for myself! We unfortunately had to leave because we had another party. We made the smash cake for McKenzie as her present and I’s so happy she enjoyed it. The party was Winnie the Pooh themed, and I did the cake – which you will see further below in the post and i wanted a different smash cake so I settled on a little beehive. Chris made the little bees and he did an awesome job.





20130523-150729.jpgI am so glad that she enjoyed that smash cake – that is definately what they are there for!

20130523-150847.jpgThis was her actual birthday cake, the Winnie the Pooh cake – I have done it before, but was very special for this angel!

xxx Kay

Boobs and Bulls cupcakes

Bwa hahahha

So this is what Penny wanted for her husband’s birthday- This is what he got. He is obvioulsy a Blue Bulls fan. These cupcakes were all vanilla with vanilla icing, and the logos printed on edible paper and placed on fondant discs. The boobs were made by Chris – the boob expert it seems, and voila! one very cool set of cupcakes20130523-151230.jpg


20130523-151224.jpgxxx Kay