My dad’s Windhoek Lager bottle cap birthday cake

My dad’s birthday is the day before my mom’s birthday so it’s always a busy time of year. I also had 2other cake orders that weekend.

Windhoek is my dad’s favourite beer, it is “brewed” by Namibian breweries. My husband also drinks the stuff so when those two are together lots of beer drinking happens.

I kept teasing my dad and telling him, I bet you don’t know what cake I am going to do for your birthday, but he had an incling that it would be a Windhoek cake, he just thought a Windhoek bottle (similar to Jameson bottle).

He got such a surprise when he saw the bottle cap cake. Something I have never made before and just something different really. The colour was really dark because I painted it. I think if I had dyed the fondant with the food colouring it would have been a more precise colour.

Inside was red velvet with cream cheese icing, and I think there was so much left over my dad had to take it to work. It also makes me happy to know it is the background on my dad’s phone.


I used an edible transfer for the logo, but now I think of it, I could have painted that..

Xxx Kay


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