Rockstar cake

This cake was for my sister’s friend’s 30th birthday.

He is one of those band types. My sister wanted a stage with some instruments and for the life of me I could not figure out what to do and there really ain’t much of an option or ideas on google images. Image to 8 inch square which I thought, no we will make one big square cake. Then my mom was in town and she came up with the idea of the rectangular cake by putting the two squares next to each other. It really was a hell of a lot of cake.

I covered the entire thing in white fondant and painted the sides with black food colouring and vodka mix, which really gives it that stand out dark colour as it looks like in the bottle. This however doesn’t work on the lighter colours as you can see the brush strokes, but works beautifully with metallics.

I then out lined the corners with strips of grey fondant and put white fondant stars on. The banners were made of grey fondant and piped white buttercream letters. My sister ordered the figurines from the local cake store (and paid a fortune I might add) and those were just placed on top.


It was a very cool cake, and I so could have made those figurines….

Xxx Kay


Spiderman cake

This cake I really really enjoyed doing, it was a very busy time for me as I had Christmas orders, my mom and dad’s cakes and another two big cake orders to do.

I thought it was awesome that this was for a little girl. I initially tried to paint these cakes using the vodka technique but the colour did not come out right. I then recovered the cakes in fondant which I had coloured.

The bottom tier was the spiderweb which extended onto the base. The type tier was the buildings with the face on the top. I think the face was the hardest part of the entire cake.


Wicked cool cake I rate…

Xxx Kay

Mom’s Kindle story (which obviously includes a cake)

While typing the name of the post, and since we are on the topic of books, how on earth are you supposed to say “obviously”? Do you say ob-viously? I think you would sound like a bit of a nut if you did,but I have never heard of a silent “b”. Are there others?

OK- I just googled it and you are supposed to pronounce the b, but does anyone ever? Maybe those fancy English Professors from Oxford? Oh well. Back onto why we are really here….. CAKES!

There is quite a long history of my mom and the kindle, as she went through now her third kindle this year.

Last year for my mom’s birthday, 9December to be exact, we bought my mom a kindle, since the. They weren’t freely available in SA I had to order over amazon and we had to pay pretty much the price of the kindle in shipping charges. We got this kindle for her because it was small and light and with all of her traveling would have been perfect.

This kindle lasted very well and was very good to my mom, until we went to New York in October. Her fiend and her stayed at the Milford NYC near Times Square and they were doing crazy construction there. Her room key was duplicated and someone entered the room while they were out and stole my mom’s kindle out of the draw next to her bed. That is all they took, as my mom and her friend had 6 iPads in the room between them as gifts for family., so thank goodness they didn’t see those.

So when we returned I gave my min the kindle she had bought me a while ago because ever since I got my iPad I have been reading off there. About 3 weeks later, my mom goes off onto one of her African trips and that kindle broke. I don’t think I have ever heard of a kindle breaking… Haha.

So now we get to the inspiration for the cake – we bought my mom the now newest kindle, the small black one for her birthday and we got it here in SA. I ordered online and it was delivered within 4 hours. Hence, we made her a kindle cake. Red velvet is her new favourite, so that was the inside, which the classic cream cheese icing.

Hope my mom had an awesome birthday and was so nice to spend it with her for the first time in a long time.


I didn’t use black fondant here, I painted the fondant with a mix of black food colouring and vodka, the same technique I used on the Halloween pumpkin. I am finding it works with dark colours, but have had some mishaps, which I will explain in my Spiderman cake which I did the same weekend.

I used an edible print of the text on the box of the kindle and used a mix of silver luster dust and vodka again to do the writing which I free handed. The cutters would have been too big and the wrong font.

Xxx Kay

My dad’s Windhoek Lager bottle cap birthday cake

My dad’s birthday is the day before my mom’s birthday so it’s always a busy time of year. I also had 2other cake orders that weekend.

Windhoek is my dad’s favourite beer, it is “brewed” by Namibian breweries. My husband also drinks the stuff so when those two are together lots of beer drinking happens.

I kept teasing my dad and telling him, I bet you don’t know what cake I am going to do for your birthday, but he had an incling that it would be a Windhoek cake, he just thought a Windhoek bottle (similar to Jameson bottle).

He got such a surprise when he saw the bottle cap cake. Something I have never made before and just something different really. The colour was really dark because I painted it. I think if I had dyed the fondant with the food colouring it would have been a more precise colour.

Inside was red velvet with cream cheese icing, and I think there was so much left over my dad had to take it to work. It also makes me happy to know it is the background on my dad’s phone.


I used an edible transfer for the logo, but now I think of it, I could have painted that..

Xxx Kay