My beautiful niece’s princess castle cake

On 3 November my amazing little niece turned 3. She wanted a princess party, and she gets what she wants 😉

I did this cake at my sister’s house so it was difficult having to transport all of my equipment and there are still drips and drabs that I have to rush over there for now and again.

Anyway,Princess Jessica looked gorgeous and had a gorgeous cake to match. Inside the cake were 3 colour layers, lilac, pink and white. In both the bottom and the top layers.

I used roller towel empties for the turrets and a toilet roll one for the top of the castle. It was coming down to the wire on time and I literally had my mom and dad helping me 15 mins before the party started. Great helpers they were.

I used ice cream sugar cones for the turret tops and my mom did the ribbon on them. The figurines were bought from a toy shop

And here it is…..


She really had a wonderful day and got spoilt rotten.

Xxx Kay


Carli’s Minnie Mouse themed birthday

My friend at work has this beautiful niece, Carli, who is turning 5 on 19th December. She had her birthday party early because, let’s face it (and I can sympathize with a late December birthday) no one is around to celebrate it with. Also, Carli will be welcoming a new sister on Monday so mommy will be pooped.

She had a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party and I did a very fun cake (it was copied from a pic). With an 8inch bottom layer in vanilla and a 6inch dummy on top because it didn’t have to feed too many people.



I also made her cake pops to take to school. I wish there was someway of getting the chocolate to dry faster on the cake pops, but until then, I think I’m hanging up the cake pop sticks.


I hope she has a wonderful birthday.

Xxx Kay