Princess castle cake

A lady at my sister’s work sent me a picture of a cake she wanted for her daughter’s 7th birthday.

For this cake, I used a 2 layer 10 inch cake, chocolate with vanilla icing. For the turrets I used toilet roll holders covered in icing and white fondant, topped with sugar cones.

I made all of the flowers and let them set in an egg try to get some shape. I piped the grass and vine type things and placed the flowers on and used white buttercream for middle of the flowers. Made fondant shapes for the windows, doors and footpath.

It was quite a cost effective cake and I think that one with about 2 or 3 tiers would just look absolutely gorgeous.


Xxx Kay


Pink and black polka dot shoe cake

Scott at work asked me to make a cake for his wife’s birthday and she loves anything girls.

As I didn’t have time to make a shoe I bought one. I used 2 6inch rounds, with pink fondant and black fondant polka dots.

It was a vanilla with vanilla icing


Xxx Kay

Little mini cupcakes in cone

In the baking aisle at the shops, I was looking for sugar cones, you will see why just now… And I found the tiny little baking cups but they are made of ice-cream cones.

I had some cakes to make and had left over came mix so I filled the baking cups with cake mix and popped them in the oven for not even 10 mins and they were ready

A little bit of choc icing to top them off and just thought they were nice and cute. I think everyone at work enjoyed them too.


Xxx Kay

Baby shower cupcakes

Our friend Claire and Damian had their baby about 2 weeks ago. He is so adorable. His name is Elio Sebastian Ganes.

I made the Winnie the Pooh cake for Claire’s baby shower and when their work wanted to do a baby shower for Claire, they asked me to do the cupcakes.

Since at that point they wanted a surprise(boy or girl surprise) I made pink and blue mixed cupcakes with little decorations I bought from the local baking supply shop. Covered them in sparkle dust and voila, beautiful cupcakes.




How gorgeous is he?

Xxx Kay