Mum-in-law’s birthday

Chris’ mom’s birthday was on 2 September, same day as my late uncle. Chris’ and my familiy’s birthdays are all so connected it is really weird. There are so many interlinking dates, like Chris’ brother’s birthday is the day before mine and our “dating” anniversary is 2 days before his dad’s birthday.

Anyway, we made mum a present cake for her birthday from Buddy Valastro’s baking book. I had bought a special new square cake tin especially to make this cake. I bought 14kg of fondant about 6 weeks before and was reaching my final bits of it and could only colour a certain amount in order to have enough white to do the ribbon and since it was late on Saturday night and the cake was for Sunday I couldn’t exactly run out and get more.

My mom, sister, niece and nephew helped me with the cake and it was a lovely evening.


Present cake

We also made some cupcakes for mum for her to take to work the hex day and since her favourite colour is green and she loves butterflies… Kim made the butterflies and painted them with silver edible glitter.


Green butterfly cupcakes

Xxx Kay


We are going to America!! (well just on holiday)

Chris and I are so excited to be going to visit the USA!

We are going to Boston and New York in October. I have already mapped out where and which shops we are going to. I am looking for a good baking supply shop though to get some of the stuff we can’t get in South Africa (including gum paste).

We have even planned a trip to Cake Boss’ Carlo’s Bake Shop. The website allows you to pre order some goodies, but the stuff looks so good I don’t know what to choose!

This will be our first trip to the States and we are really looking for some exciting things to do and see (and places to shop).

Will post some of the awesome things we find on our adventures and will definitely take a pic of what we get at Carlo’s, since it was my inspiration after all 🙂

Xxx Kay

Taylor’s Madagascar cake – 2nd birthday

Taylor’s 2nd birthday was on 3rd September and her mom, Nicci ordered her a Madagascar themed cake.

It was in the shape of a number 2 and I used the essence of the movie to make the cake. It was a chocolate cake with buttercream and it was divided into 3 parts, the sea made with blue buttercream and blue piping gel, the sand was made with brown buttercream sprinkled with Demerara sugar and the grass was green buttercream piped with the grass/hair tip.

Chris made the palm trees using fondant. We added Tylose powder to the fondant which allows it to harden within 24 hours. The batch of leaves he made without the Tylose ended up way better than the ones with it.



Unfortunately we had 3 cakes and a batch of cupcakes for one weekend and we made the palm trees we didn’t have time to make the characters so we ordered them. Hope it’s not considered cheating

Xxx Kay

Spring is here!

The 1st September was Spring Day! Yay!

My sister’s friend that she works with ordered this cake for their Spring bash. It was plain white fondant covered in blue piping jelly as the water splashes and fondant cut outs of flowers and butterflies. I used a small flower cutter and different coloured fondant for the flower border and really thought that it added an extra special spring feeling.

My sister had the idea of the springs or slinkys. We all had our go in an attempt to make a slinky and we all failed.


It was just a funky cake. Oh, and it was chocolate with chocolate mousse filling. Nom nom nom

Xxx Kay