Jayden’s 2nd birthday cake -hats & blls

Today is our dear friend’s son’s 2nd birthday. Jayden is such a special boy and always makes you smile when he is around.

He had a hats and balls party on Saturday and we told Terence & Jelena (his parents, hehe) that we would give hime a cake for his birthday. I searched and searched for hats and balls cakes and came across a baseball hat and ball cake and thought that it would be so fitting.

I hired a soccer ball and a small ball pan from the local baking shop and used the small ball as the baseball and the soccer ball, plus another 10 inch round as the peak cap.

For the peak part, I moulded fondant over an existing hat’s peak and tried to dry it. This really didn’t work and 30 minutes before we left we were redoing the peak. I don’t think it turned out so bad, but Chris wasn’t ecstatic about it.


He had a ball of a time stabbing the cake with a knife… hehe

xxx Kay


Claire’s baby shower cake

Our friend Claire & Damian are expecting their first baby in early October, but I’m sure it will come sooner. It was her baby shower this past saturday and as the gift to her I wanted to make her a Winnie the Pooh cake, Her shower was pooh themed, so we went with it.

The bottom layer was plain chocolate 8 inch and the hunny pot comprised of 4 layers of alternating chocolate and vanilla. This really was not fun to carve and gave me endless hassles.

This wasn’t my only cake for Saturday and stuck between the two, it gave me extreme stress.

I gave Chris the address for the baby shower to put in the GPS of the iPad so I could know where I was going after I dropped him off at Jayden’s party (see next post). I follow the GPS and arrive at the location, which was totally WRONG! It was already time for the shower to start. Then I spoke to Claire’s husband Damian on the phone and he told me to go back onto the highway, I then ended up in some industrial area very far from where I had to be. Please note that the temperature had now increased dramatically and I had layers upon layers of unassembled cake in the car.

I eventually arrive LATE! (At least i wasn’t the last) and still had to assemble the cake when I got there. Thank goodness that didn’t take too long.

Due to the stress of two major cakes due in one day, and still having to do our day jobs, we bought the ready made figurines It really was an adorable cake, I hope Claire liked it 🙂


Steph did such an amazing job at planning the whole thing and all went off very well.

xxx Kay

More cupcakes

Reney’s 40th birthday cupcakes I made vanilla with blue and white icing.


Lisa’s farewell cupcakes – apparently she didn’t make it to work for her farewell, so, Meridian’s friday cupcakes…


Once I was done icing the other cupcakes, I really felt that I needed to do something different. So I decided to melt chocolate over the cupcakes and top them with a chocolate disc.

xxx Kay

Matteo’s 1st birthday Noddy Cake

We had our friend’s son’s Matteo’s first birthday party today and for the awesome little boy we gave him a Noddy Cake as his present. His party was Noddy themed!

We just can’t believe that it was just the other day that he was born and now he is one gorgeous little boy!

He sure enjoyed the cake, especially diving straight into Noddy’s hat. He used the actual cake as his smash cake and not the smash cakes, so adorable.

Definitely the most difficult cake i have done !! The carving and the icing – shoo was a real mission!

Happy Birthday Matteo 🙂




xxx Kay