Jameson bottle cake

Recently it was my boss’ birthday and he is a big whiskey fan. I thought I should make a cake of his favourite whiskey, Jameson.

This was only my second time using fondant, first time using the cornstarch on the board and rolling pin and really worked so well.

I used 7 x 6 inch rounds cut in half to make semi-circles. I put them all in a row, iced them together and then carved the bottle neck with the help of hubby. Rolled out the fondant and put it on, which was much easier to use than a round cake. Once the fondant was on, I “painted” it with water in order to give the bottle a shiny appearance. I got the label printed at the baking shop and just plopped that on. It stuck quite nicely because of the water on the fondant.

And voila….

I mixed a little bit of red and brown fondant together to make the colour for the bottle top. Made lines in it with a knife, as I didnt have any carving tools yet. The sides were lined white buttercream to finish it off, but think it looked better without it. I brought it a day too early and the fondant started cracking, but not too badly. Looked good when it went to the herds to be devoured.

xxx Kay


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