Care bear cake

It was my sister’s 34th birthday on 12 June this year. Her name is Carey and we call her Cares = Care bear – get my drift? Oh well.. this was a really really fun cake to do and it took my husband and I a total of 8 hours to finish this cake.

So it’s a two layer cake covered with blue fondant. with care bears. Chris sculpted all of the care bears and I was so impressed. He did an amazing job.

I covered the cake board in the fondant and I rolled the entire cake’s fondant using flour (BIG MISTAKE). It was my frist fondant cake and since I have always rolled everything with fondant it would work. It made the fondant extremely dry and cracked like mad. Was not the best cake, but looked good from far and made my sister happy.

We used strips of different coloured fondant to created the rainbow. Chris thought he was clever and tried and to rolls the strips together, which didn’t really work, but again we used flour. I think if we had used cornstarch then it would have come together easier.

I used the white fondant to create a border around the layers (to hide the crinkles as the fondant was dry) and used it to make clouds to cover the cracks! Haha!

Oh yes – and inside it was one layer chocolate and one layer vanilla which I thought was really cool.

xxx Kay


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