Top Hat cake

This was my first official cake that was “ordered” from me. I was so excited and spent hours planning it.

My company wanted a hat cake and I came up with the idea for a top hat cake. I used one 28cm round and 2 x 20cm rounds for the top. I carved the top of the hat into a more oval shape do it actually looked like a hat. I used black coloured buttercream icing for the whole thing and a small strip of fondant to break the two layers. I used white buttercream for the writing and a very thin piping tip which I did the night before.

Unfortunately the black colouring of the icing was absorbed by the white writing overnight so I had to rush and redo the writing the next morning.

Black Buttercream top hat cake

I am really lacking the the tool area so I smoothed the cake with the blunt side of the knife dipped in boiling water out of the kettle, whcih made the knife nice and hot and the hot water gave the cake a nice shiny look. 

xxx Kay 


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