Rose cake

I saw this cake on a couple of “google images” and a couple of awesome tutorials on how to do it on YouTube. I had 2 left over 6 inch rounds. My sister was having a bad day so i decided, because I really wanted to make the cake, I now have an excuse.

 I had even bought the piping tip that morning. In all the videos and blogs that do that cake they use the Wilton 1M tip. The baking shop I use doesnt stock Wilton tips, but Ateco tips, so I got a pastry tip & it worked the same.

I just used vanilla buttercream and it really used a lot of it, so be prepared.

Chocolate and vanilla buttercream rose cake

xxx Kay


Father’s day

Chris proceeded to leave me at home with my cakes while he went off to watch the rugby… I had finished my dad’s leg cast cake and since we were going to Chris’ folks for breakfast, I thought why not make another cake for Chris’ dad.

I wanted to try the swirling technique again so I tried to use white and black… This actually made the entire cake grey… fantastic. I had just got the letter cookie cutters and was just perfect for the cake. I am not mad about the font, but it will do.

Since Chris wasnt there I had to “sculpt” some golf clubs and a golf ball all by myself, hence the golf clubs looking like hockey sticks. Haha.

It was vanilla cake, with vanilla buttercream.

Father’s Day Cake

xxx Kay

Happy Father’s Day- Leg cast cake

On 11 June 2012 my dad went in for an op to have all of his ligaments in his foot replaced. As worried as we are all were, he was discharged from hospital the next day.

The Sunady following that was Father’s Day so I decided to make him a cake of his leg in a cast…

Leg cast cake

I used 6 inch rounds cut into semi-circles, laid like a cylinder and the used 2 more 6 inch rounds stacked in semi-circle to create the height for the foot part of the cake. It was a chocolate cake, covered in white buttercream.

I cut strips of fondant, but I used a cloth to press the pattern into the fondatn to make that “material” look, which you obviously cant see in the pics. Chris, my sculptor (hehe) did the toes and I was so impressed cause he did them in about 5 minutes just before he left for the SA v England rugby game (which I didn’t crack an invite to).

This was dad’s response…

Happy Father’s day Dad

Debbie, my stepmother absolutely loved it. She photographed the above photos. She had some fun with the toes afterwards….

Toe jam

xxx Kay

Jameson bottle cake

Recently it was my boss’ birthday and he is a big whiskey fan. I thought I should make a cake of his favourite whiskey, Jameson.

This was only my second time using fondant, first time using the cornstarch on the board and rolling pin and really worked so well.

I used 7 x 6 inch rounds cut in half to make semi-circles. I put them all in a row, iced them together and then carved the bottle neck with the help of hubby. Rolled out the fondant and put it on, which was much easier to use than a round cake. Once the fondant was on, I “painted” it with water in order to give the bottle a shiny appearance. I got the label printed at the baking shop and just plopped that on. It stuck quite nicely because of the water on the fondant.

And voila….

I mixed a little bit of red and brown fondant together to make the colour for the bottle top. Made lines in it with a knife, as I didnt have any carving tools yet. The sides were lined white buttercream to finish it off, but think it looked better without it. I brought it a day too early and the fondant started cracking, but not too badly. Looked good when it went to the herds to be devoured.

xxx Kay